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Relationship Counseling Can Deliver You To New Heights Of Happiness By Michelle Bery

We’ve all been at a point in our romantic relationships when trouble seems to brew more than ever before. Part of being in a committed relationship is working through those times when not everything is picture perfect.

Corporate Wellness
- What Is It And Why Is It Important? By Dr. Nicole Cutts 

What Exactly is Corporate Wellness?

The other day someone asked me “What exactly is corporate wellness?” It occurred to me that many people might not know and be curious about just what exactly corporate wellness entails, why does it matter and how can your organization achieve it?

Mindfully Coping with Urges & Addictions By Leo Babaota

Many of us have something that we’d like to change in our lives, but it can be pretty difficult to overcome addictions or strong urges. The things we want to quit, and the urges we want to overcome, can span a pretty wide gamut


Stress Management- A Guide to Letting Go of Stress By Leo Babauta

Find a range of services from CBT, Mindfulness to Hypnotherapy to combat stress

Anxiety Management- Finding Groundedness in the Age of Anxiety By Leo Babauta

Do not let anxiety interfere with a healthy lifestyle- learn effective coping mechanisms today


Meditation- The Importance of Meditation in Crazy Times
By Leo Babauta

These are times of heightened change, disruption, uncertainty, fear, anxiety. It can feel pretty crazy for most of us.

Hypnotherapy– Information On How Hypnotherapy Can Help You by Phil Mattingly

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective method of solving a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional problems. 

Covid-19 And Our Money: Fighting a Psychological Battle By Dave Love

Across the world, governments and populations alike are encountering the same challenges – namely, how to treat the coronavirus and prevent its spread.

Coronavirus Anxiety - How to Reduce It? 
By Stephen Russell-Lucy

People are rightly talking about coronavirus anxiety in terms of the stress of uncertainty. The constant news about the pandemic can feel relentless.

The Honest Guide to Mindfulness By Leo Babauta

Mindfulness has (amazingly, wonderfully) become quite a buzzword in the last decade or so, and for good reason. It’s powerful, and can help us to become more present, happier, more focused, and much more.